Video Library

You can access the full suite of Bret Hartman's training videos here:

Private Swing Analysis


Your plan allows you to have Bret Hartman analyze your swing in private four (6 times) per month. For more analyses per month and to increase your skill faster you may want to upgrade to one of our other plans.

Get Setup

You'll need to download the free Huddl Technique app which you can get for either iOS or Android devices below:

Record Your Swing

Once installed, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Follow the onscreen prompts within the Technique app to properly shoot a video.
  2. Sign up for a free account within the app.
  3. Setup your phone/camera and record yourself face-on and down the target line at hand-height. I recommend setting your phone/camera on your golf bag or tripod to get it to hand-height. You could also ask someone else for help holding it.
  4. Once recorded send your video to
  5. Bret will analyze your video and get back to you through the app.

Ask Bret A Question!

Have a question for Bret? Ask it here and he'll get back to you as soon as he can:

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